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Ultimate Christmas Planner Notion Template

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Welcome to the Ultimate Christmas Planner Notion Template! Make this holiday season stress-free and memorable with our comprehensive Christmas planning template designed for Notion.

Key Features:

  1. Christmas Event Calendar: Stay organized with a detailed calendar for all your holiday events, parties, and gatherings. Never miss a festive moment!
  2. Gift List and Wishlist: Keep track of your gift-giving with dedicated sections for gift ideas, purchases, and a wishlist. Ensure everyone on your list receives the perfect present.
  3. Christmas Movies List: Enjoy the holiday spirit with our curated list of almost 100 Christmas movies. From classics to modern favorites, plan cozy movie nights with your loved ones.
  4. Menu and Decor Planner: Plan your Christmas feast with ease. Organize recipes, create shopping lists, and coordinate your decorations for a festive and cohesive look.
  5. Christmas Journal: Capture the magic of the season with a dedicated Christmas journal. Reflect on special moments, jot down memories, and document your favorite traditions.

How to Use:

  1. Purchase and download the Notion template.
  2. Import the template into your Notion workspace.
  3. Customize the sections to fit your personal preferences.
  4. Start planning and enjoy a stress-free Christmas season!


  • This template is designed for use in Notion, a popular productivity and organization tool.
  • Requires a Notion account (free or paid).
  • Personal use only. Please do not redistribute or resell.

Make this Christmas unforgettable with the Ultimate Christmas Planner Notion Template. Happy holidays!

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Ultimate Christmas Planner Notion Template

0 ratings
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